I have been a vinyl nut ever since my dad showed me how to play his Technics record player many years ago. I have also been a woodworking nut ever since my grandfather showed my how to use his bandsaw when I was five. That being said I would like to welcome you to my blog: Engrained Audio. I will be posting both DIY audio projects I find on the web and some projects of my own. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

My DIY Home Theater Speakers

These are my current home theater speakers with HiVi m5a woofers and TN28 top mounted tweeters in 8.5" MDF cubes with a 1" port. I based them on one of the speaker projects in the Parts Express showcase called the SC 5.1 by Tom Lawler found here. Now I know that the cube is probably the worst shape for a speaker but I tend to value the looks of a speaker at the same level as the sound. Luckily, these speakers ended up looking and sounding great. I started out with 4 speakers as front and surrounds and then built a center channel that fit in my entertainment center with the same two drivers.
 I ended up just pairing them with a cheap 10" Sony subwoofer for now, but I hope to come up with a better solution for the low end. I was thinking maybe instead of the stands, putting two 6.5" Tang Band subs in bass bins on either side so you get blasted with bass in stereo. Well that's my setup. Let me know what you think in the comments.


  1. Your home entertainment system is starting to look good! If I may add, you should place some sub-woofers to make the sound ever more cinema-like! If I have my own media room, I probably won't leave the house! Hahaha!